Coors Light

Block Party

Feb 14th

You know in the movies when all the families in the cul de sac make salads and sandwiches and hang out in someone’s backyard? Yeah, well this party is nothing like that. 4 bars, 10 acts, 1 night you’ll never tell you parents about. It’s the greatest party you’ll barely remember.



Feb 15th

Strap on your twigs and show us your melon (grabs). Our open format best-trick style competition is best suited for people who are: a) not silly, and b) just gonna send it. Maybe we’ll give you $5 for doing a backflip, maybe you’ll win merch for a sweet grind, and maybe you’ll break your arm trying to impress the cute missy in the Canada Goose and Blundstones who drove in from town.


Main Event

Feb 15th

Some things are just better outside: mug of tea, takin’ a leak, squirrels. That’s why for this year’s Main Event we’re taking the show to the snow. Our main acts will be taking to the outdoor stage to serve up some hot jams into your cold ears. Just try not to blow chowder on the powder.

Laugh it off

Comedy Show

Feb 16th

Most people claim that a sense of humour is very important in a partner. Not being a complete uggo is pretty clutch too, which is really too bad for most of our lineup. Luckily, they make up for it by being wicked funny. This night is a great chance to unwind as the Weekender comes to a close and the crushing reality of existence stares you in the face. lol Good times!